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A unique renegade monthly photo walk with flasks and cameras.
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Once a month we meet up for a photowalk (maybe twice if were feeling bored), like-minded individuals like you come from far lands to shoot photography, be creative, network, and most importantly... drink!

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with our upcomming events. Dates, times and locations always change so be sure to look often. We look forward to welcoming you to the Flask Mob family!

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Flask mob is a once a month photowalk (maybe twice if we throw in a renegade meet), where photographers, creatives, and enthusiasts meet to shoot, drink, and network.

Flask mob's founders Sabina Thompson and Evan Thompson have always wanted to be apart of something bigger, and what’s bigger than roaming the streets with hundreds of other like-minded kids! A small group of us were always going out inviting our friends, and one night we decided, "why not invite everyone?" And here we are now.


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